Proteins are essential macronutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body. They are made of several amino acids. Some of these essential amino acids are essential as our body is not able to “make” them. As a result, they must come from our food. We can find amino acids in both animal and vegetal proteins.

There are 20 standard amino acids of which 9 are essential.

We present to you some below:


L-Leucine is an essential amino acid and is one of nine essential amino acids crucial for the construction, repair and maintenance of our body. It cannot be produced by the body and must be integrated through food. L- Leucine is considered vital for athletes as it helps repair all types of tissues, both bone and muscle, prevents the destruction of muscle mass and promotes the construction of lean mass.


L-Valine is an indispensable amino acid for the formation of tissues, muscle regeneration and scarring. It cannot be produced by the body and must be integrated by food. It is a sports supplement for strength. The main benefit of L-Valine is to improve sports performance, to allow better control of muscles, to help to lose weight and to tone the body. As with L-Leucine, it has both anti-catabolic and anabolic roles. It stimulates muscle growth and provides energy to the body, facilitates the repair of muscle tissue, and helps treat wounds.


L-L-Isoleucine is an amino acid that aims to protect and fuel muscles, as well as help to increase resistance levels and energy. L-L-Isoleucine can also accelerate the recovery process of muscle injuries and skin lesions. As with L-Leucine and L-Valine, it has anti-catabolic and anabolic roles. In sports, it allows for a better distribution of muscle tissue and helps in the prevention of catabolism. The main role of this amino acid is to stabilize the intake of sugar. It is easily assimilated, and the muscle tissues use it to make energy.


Beta Alanine is a supplement that is used as a sports supplement and is activated when the body enters the phase of fatigue or muscle fatigue. The purpose of this supplement is to prolong the strength and endurance of the athlete. Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid produced in vivo by the liver, acting as a buffering agent to regulate muscle acidity. After ingestion, the beta-alanine molecule is converted to carnosine on contact with the histidine molecule. Beta-alanine improves muscle endurance, reduces muscle fatigue after exercise and facilitates recovery. It is recommended for endurance sports such as cycling, marathon or trail running.