What is HMB?

HMB, whose real name is β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyric acid, is a natural substance produced by the human body. It is synthesized from L-Leucine (essential amino acid).

What is HMB for?

Some scientific studies have shown that HMB supplementation increases the aerobic and anaerobic capacities of athletes, meaning their resistance to effort both during endurance activity (aerobic) and sprint (anaerobic).

As a matter of fact, for endurance sports, HMB supplementation would allow increasing endurance, the time before reaching VO2max, and would repel fatigue.

For strength and power sports, it would improve power and maximum strength.

In addition, one can sometimes observe a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean body mass.

Finally, this supplementation would reduce the pro-inflammatory nature of resistance exercises after training, which would, therefore, facilitate recovery.

What is ATP?

ATP, or Adenosine Triphosphate, is a substance in our body that provides energy. It is used for all reactions of the human body (locomotion, cell renewal…), including muscle contraction. Without it, we cannot move.

What is ATP for?

ATP provides the energy our body needs to function.

ATP supplementation allows increasing the concentration of ATP in the blood, which allows improving athletic performance.

During long efforts, ATP supplementation allows athletes to increase their energy expenditure, which positively affects performance.
In addition, this supplement also increases our body’s resistance to effort.

ATP supplementation increases the blood flow within muscles, which allows a better supply of oxygen and nutrients but also a better elimination of the catabolic waste produced during the effort.

All these benefits help to improve sports performance.

 What does Pulsaar HMB + ATP (TWO IN ONE) contain?

Pulsaar HMB + ATP (TWO IN ONE) contains HMB and ATP. Their supplementations are equal to or greater than the quantities used during the scientific experiments mentioned above. Thus, the dose contained in the capsules is enough to expect the same benefits.

In order to see results on sports performance, it is recommended to consume 3g of HMB per day. And that’s what Pulsaar recommends via the intake of 1 capsule of 1g, 3 times per day.

As far as ATP is concerned, a recent study has shown good results for athletes with 400mg of ATP supplementation every day. Pulsaar, therefore, advises taking one ATP capsule of 400mg per day.

Pulsaar has also chosen to add betaine to this product.

What is Betaine?

Betaine is an amino acid naturally contained in food. It is found for example in beetroot and spinach.

Betaine allows activating protein synthesis for the regeneration of muscles after sports effort, which allows to improve and promote recovery.

In addition, it helps fight against dehydration by promoting homeostasis (maintains constants) of cellular fluids. Thus, it prevents sports performance to decrease by limiting dehydration.

Why is it interesting?

Pulsaar HMB + ATP (TWO IN ONE) is a very complete product.

It supports you during your workout and helps you to improve your performance.

Each compound plays an important role in building muscle, recovering, improving energy systems. The aim of these products is to help you to improve your performance and to achieve your goals.

HBM, ATP and betaine are not doping compounds. They are not dangerous for health and their use is legal. In view of the studies mentioned above, this supplementation would help to improve sports performance.


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