What is an energy gel?

An energy gel is a very source of carbohydrate presented as a thick liquid.

What is it used for?

Thanks to its high level of carbohydrates, it provides energy quickly during sport.

This energy supply due to carbohydrate consumption helps to delay fatigue during long-term efforts.

Moreover, its small size makes it a very practical ally to be taken and consumed anywhere.

It is recommended to take one energy gel every hour during any effort greater than one hour.

Nevertheless, be careful not to overtake it, as it could cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

 What does Pulsaar Energy Gel (Pure Chia Performance Gel) contain?


The Pulsaar’s energy gel contains carbohydrates.

The first is a date juice concentrate, therefore, the major part of carbohydrates included in this gel is 100% natural and contains mostly sucrose (fructose + glucose), glucose and fructose.

On top of it, Pulsaar also added glucose and isomaltulose.

Glucose is a monosaccharide that can be directly absorbed by our body without being hydrolyzed (decomposition through water). Therefore, it provides immediate energy to our body.

Fructose is also a monosaccharide. It is digested and absorbed more or less in the same way than glucose. Nevertheless, not all individuals absorb fructose in the same way, meaning, some will absorb more fructose than others.

Sucrose is not a monosaccharide. In fact, it must be hydrolyzed in an acidic medium (gastric juice) in order to break the bonds between glucose and fructose, and then be digested and absorbed. Thus, its digestion requires a little bit more time than glucose and fructose.

Finally, isomaltulose is hydrolyzed only by enzymes in the small intestine. Its digestion is therefore even slower, and its absorption is done after the other types of sugars.

These three types of sugars (monosaccharides, sucrose and isomaltulose) do not have the same absorption time. Pulsaar Pure Chia Performance Gel allows a quick energy boost (glucose and fructose), but delivers also a slower and longer digestible carbohydrate (isomaltulose) during sport.

Beta Alanine

Finally, Pulsaar chose to incorporate Beta Alanine in its gel.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that helps to limit muscle lactic acidosis, which is one of the leading causes of fatigue (and cramps) during exercise.

What is this gel for?

This energy gel based on chia seeds will give you the kick you need when you will need it. Its taste is less sweet than other energy gels, so it will be easier to take during your effort and will be, therefore, easier to digest.

During long and intense efforts, take one gel every hourly together with water to allow a better absorption of carbohydrates.