While exercising, our body loses water and mineral salts.

A small dehydration can greatly reduce the athletic performance of an athlete. When dehydration is more severe, it can cause heat stroke or discomfort.

That’s why it is essential to hydrate during sport, from the beginning to the end.

Isotonic drinks are a good way to maintain optimal hydration while providing energy to our body.

What is an isotonic drink?

An isotonic drink is a sweet drink used by sports people. It helps to hydrate by providing carbohydrates and electrolytes that our body loses during sport.

What is it for?

During the effort, the isotonic drink provides the energy that our body requires as well as the elements it needs for its proper functioning. In addition, it allows better hydration because glucose improves the absorption of the water we drink.

But it can also be consumed after an effort in order to replenish its stocks of glycogen and minerals which will allow better recovery.

Finally, consumed before an effort, it helps to maintain its hydration and glycogen reserve.

The longer the effort, the more important the carbohydrates and electrolytes intake has to be. But the most important is that this intake has to be regular.

What does Pulsaar isotonic drink (Pure Hydration Isotonic + Electrolytes – All in one) contain?

Pulsaar Isotonic + Electrolyte is a very “clean” isotonic drink.

As a matter of fact, carbohydrates included in it are mainly natural sugars: cane sugar and grape sugar.

It also contains vitamins and minerals to compensate for losses caused by sports effort.

You will not find any sweetener, artificial flavor or any food dye. This makes Pulsaar Isotonic+Electrolytes a really healthy drink.

Why is it interesting?

First, it’s only made of natural ingredients. In addition, its bergamot natural flavor (citrus fruit) makes it very easy and pleasant to drink, unlike products with particularly chemical tastes that can be found on the market.

As a consequence, this drink can follow you before, during and after your sports efforts. It will give you the energy kick you need and will help you to replenish your glycogen stores. Therefore, it will allow you to delay fatigue during an intense and long effort, but will also help you to recover faster.

Achieve your goals by choosing products that are good for your body and your health!

What about maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a food additive that is the result of hydrolysis (partial digestion) of wheat starch or potato. It is a complex carbohydrate made up of several sugars: glucose, maltose, maltotriose.

Maltodextrin has actually a very poor nutritional value. Due to its manufacturing process, it is nutrients deprived.

Its digestion is certainly fast, but it causes a blood sugar peak. Contrary to popular belief, maltodextrin has a rather high glycemic index and does not allow a long time energy release.

Excessive consumption of maltodextrin can cause a modification of the intestinal microbiota. As a matter of fact, scientific studies have shown an increase in “bad” bacteria and a decrease in “good” bacteria present in our intestines with the consumption of maltodextrin. It is no longer necessary to prove that our intestinal flora plays a very important role in our health. This modification can thus reduce the functioning of our immune system and thus promote the appearance of certain diseases.

Nowadays, maltodextrin is a widely used additive in the food industry. It is, therefore, preferable to consume as little as possible in order to avoid some of these adverse effects (weight gain, cholesterol, an increase of blood glucose, intestinal microbiota modification, gastrointestinal discomfort …).

As a consequence, Pulsaar took the decision not to use maltodextrin in its isotonic + electrolytes drink in order to be able to have a product both healthy and effective for your sports performance.