Performance Booster (HMB + ATP)

More reps, more sets. Faster, further, stronger. Improve endurance, increase strength, be at your best and prepare your body to go over its limits !

What is in it?
Pulsaar Performance Booster (HMB + ATP) contains HMB (Hydroxyméthylbutyrate). HMB can be used in all sports with high peak loads and high regeneration requirements. Its role is to prevent muscle catabolism and muscle protein breakdown. It influences strength by acting as an anti-catabolic agent, minimizing protein breakdown and damage to cells that may occur with intense activity. It increases your potential while reducing muscle degradation and accelerates recovery. HMB also helps to decrease percentage of body fat. HMB-FA (soft capsule) is a novel and unique free acid form of HMB. Scientific studies have demonstrated that HMB-FA can improve lean body mass gains as well as recovery of damaged skeletal muscle issue.
Pulsaar Performance Booster (HMB + ATP) also contains ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which is also part of normal muscle activity. It allows an increase of blood flow in the skeletal muscles – providing more nutrients and oxygen while eliminating the catabolic waste, attenuating the perception of fatigue and pain that could be associated with exercise. ATP is necessary for vital biochemical reactions and is involved in muscle contractions.


What does Pulsaar Performance Booster (HMB + ATP) do?
HMB-FA in combination with ATP have shown both additive and synergistic effects on the increase of lean body mass, power, and strength.
Pulsaar HMB + ATP offers an ideal ratio of nutrients that allow athletes to train harder, experience less fatigue and recover faster from training. Thus, it is a very effective solution to increase your strength and endurance.

Brief indication on ingredients
6 days usage of 3x HMB (Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylbutyrate) Betator free acid Gel caps 1000 mg + 1 x PEAK ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) 400mg pill. More information at product launch.

Take 1 HMB-FA capsule plus 1 ATP capsule in the morning, and 1 HMB-FA capsule in the mid-afternoon and evening. On the training days, take 1 HMB-FA capsule plus 1 ATP capsule of daily dose 30 minutes before exercise. Do not exceed stated dose.